A good ASTM test score is crucial for skimmers. Therefore, we recently traveled to our facility in Norway to test the FORU-340 extensively. The result? It passed with flying colors!


First and foremost, we ensured that all test requirements were met. For example, we simulated that the oil reached a level of 3.5 meters and tested whether the FORU could last up to 30 seconds while collecting more than 70 percent oil. This way, we could determine the skimmer’s name plate capacity. Our score? 150 cubic meters an hour with a nearly 100% oil collection, which means we exceeded the required minimum considerably! And when we tested with 0.5 meter waves as well as currents, the FORU still scored a solid 140 cubic meters an hour while collecting nearly 100% of oil.

Positive comments

We were glad to receive the first positive comments while the ASTM test was still being conducted. The 70-year-old Norwegian test facility manager, for example, wondered why Norway’s leading government agency in this field hadn’t yet been notified of our concept. “It’s the best I’ve seen in my life!” he claimed. And his employees were quick to agree.

The employee who drafts all the reports was equally impressed. We showed her how we had prepared the FORU for its trip to Colombia: a container set up like an oil spill workshop – including the most meticulous details, such as refined workbenches – was ready to be transported (depicted in the photo above). She thought it was incredibly useful and complimented us on the good work.

The next step

With this ‘stamp of approval’, we envision a bright future for the FORU. Obviously, we will incessantly look for ways to optimize it, as we believe that development is an ongoing process!

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