As you know, Foru Solution has committed to a never-ending development process. There’s always room for improvement, and we intend to find as well as use it. Currently, we are working with computer simulations, searching for ways to improve our already solid product. We’d like to tell you a bit more about this!

The ‘what’ and the ‘how’

CFD analyses – a simulation method that solves and analyzes problems that involve fluid flows – play a major role in our research. To conduct them properly and efficiently, we use an advanced program that helps us understand what is going on. This is allowing us to gain new insights and identify points for improvement.

The added value of computer simulations

The most important objective of our research is to optimize the Foru’s shape, so we can handle a broader range of oil types and ensure that the Foru works optimally in a variety of circumstances.

General testing facilities – such as the Norway-based one that we visit a few times a year – are obviously bound to limitations like wave height, wind, and current. We use such testing facilities to verify our models, after which we can perform more efficient tests to enhance quality. This will save time, and reduce costs.

By using CFD techniques, we are able to simulate an entire range of oils, and, therefore, circumstances.

Why test a product that already works well?

The main reason why we have decided to make a long-term investment in this type of research is because we want to become a leading expert in the area of oil spills. The current Foru design is not affected by the outcome, but future generations will be.

At Foru Solution, we strongly believe that the process of development and engineering is never over. That is why we never cease to look forward, and we always think about the next step!